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Hiring Performance Marketing - Manager @DIGITAle
Performance Marketing - Manager - Kolkata
Mrinal Lunia
Experience :
2-3 Years
Designation :
Performance Marketing - Manager
Job Description :

Role & Responsibilities:

  • Leading from the front for all performance marketing team deliverables, optimization, reporting, and data crunching for all clients
  • Setup and structuring of the account for continued, ongoing optimization. Ability to generate reports for all platforms
  • Usage of Analytical tools to help provide data-backed decision making for brands
  • Complete handling of Google / Facebook / Twitter / Amazon / LinkedIn / Taboola / Outbrain marketing for all clients
  • Client Servicing and Management of performance marketing portfolio for all Digitale brands
  • Biddable Media Planning, Strategy, and Projections for new and existing clients
  • Upselling and Cross-selling more media opportunities to clients to increase monthly spends
  • Affiliate Marketing, E-Mail Marketing, and Mobile App Affiliate Marketing – Helping set up this division and start pitching the same to existing and new clients to truly realize the scope of digital.
  • Management of internal team to derive maximum value and achieve maximum resource utilization
  • Communication and contact with the Facebook, Google, and other biddable platform teams to be updated about all new ad products and industry updates.
  • Ability to generate, implement and help get pixels, codes, and tags placed on client websites. Additionally, knowledge of working on Google Tag Manager is also essential.
Salary Range
Negotiable Lakhs
Posted By Mrinal Lunia (27 Sep 2021, 05:26 PM)

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